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14 October 2020 News flash

Repair of "La Noix" Public Walkway

Motifs sur le sol rappelant les Moulins d'autrefois ©DAU

The  Department of Urban Amenities has recently renovated "La Noix" public walkway, which links the Place des Moulins to the Boulevard de France in Beausoleil.

This work has enabled the walkway to be brought up to standard for the visually impaired, with the installation of tactile paving slabs, the use of different colours to identify the first and last steps of the staircase, and improved lighting and handrails.

During this renovation work, plastering and painting was carried out, and the stone cladding was cleaned.  The flooring was also changed;  two motifs were inserted at the entrance to the gallery, recalling the mills that formerly existed in the Principality.

The fountain, with a work depicting a spray of leaves, and the area around the gallery - the wall that overlooks the gallery and the planters beside the steps - were also renovated.






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