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12 October 2022 Press release

Renovation work begins at Heliport

Héliport rénové ©SMBP

This week, the Public Buildings Maintenance Office began work on redevelopment of the helicopter terminal and environmental renovation of Monaco Heliport, installing modular units covering an area of 250 m2 in the Heliport car park.

These temporary units will enable the Heliport to continue to operate during the six months that the work is scheduled to take. The project could not have been completed on an occupied site.

Modernisation and improvements will be accompanied by insulation and security upgrades, following an eco-friendly approach

The renovation will address multiple areas, and will be carried out in accordance with the Sustainable Mediterranean Buildings of Monaco (BD2M) approach, which takes account of environmental issues and protects the comfort and health of users.

Accueil Héliport rénové ©SMBP

Passenger handling will be improved thanks to a comprehensive renovation of the passenger lounges. The configuration and layout will be redesigned to ensure better use of space. Access will also be facilitated as the Heliport will be upgraded to comply with building accessibility standards.

Staff and passengers will also benefit from improved thermal and acoustic comfort. The Public Buildings Maintenance Office will add external thermal insulation to all of the building’s facades. Combined with the replacement of the exterior joinery and windows, this will help to drastically reduce the noise pollution and disruption to airflow caused by the helicopters. In addition, two airlocks will be created, one at the main entrance and the other at the access to the helipads. This will improve thermal comfort.

Because the environment is the guiding principle behind the BD2M approach being used for the renovation project, the Public Buildings Maintenance Office has opted for bio-based insulating materials (wood fibre) and windows that strike the right balance between solar factor requirements and the need for high light transmittance, and will re-roof the building and install 180 m2 of photovoltaic panels capable of generating 55,000 kWh/year, representing CO2 savings of more than 4.6 tonnes/year.

Finally, the Public Buildings Maintenance Office will improve security in the surrounding area by increasing the height of the fences around the site and installing additional anti-intrusion systems.

Entrée de l'Héliport rénové ©SMBP

The project is scheduled for delivery by April 2023.

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