Gouvernement Princier de Monaco
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Honoré II

It was in 1612 that Honoré II (1597 - 1662), in order to reaffirm his authority to Spain, who had been dominating over Monaco during his youth, took the title of prince. The power of the prince was strengthened, to the detriment of the power of the municipality. Monaco, like other European countries, experienced the establishment of an absolute monarchy which wielded divine right over its people. In the same way as in France, where the estates-general no longer met, the parliament in Monaco was only convened to take an oath when new princes came to the throne.

Pursuing his impulse to free Monaco of the weight of the Spanish presence, and taking advantage of the existing conflict between France and Spain, Honoré II drew closer to France. Negotiations led to Louis XIII signing the treaty of Péronne on 14 September 1641, which reaffirmed and reinforced Monegasque sovereignty.

Date de référence :
1597 - 1662