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01 April 2020 Press release

Applying for the Exceptional Minimum Income

From today, the Prince’s Government is introducing the Exceptional Minimum Income, a measure announced to support self-employed workers who are authorised to operate as sole traders and are experiencing a reduction in business as a result of the COVID-19 crisis to the extent that they have been entirely deprived of income.

In these unprecedented economic circumstances, an Exceptional Minimum Income fixed at €1,800 will be granted to self-employed workers operating as sole traders who find themselves without an income and submit an application in accordance with the conditions set out in the legislation.

The Ministerial Decree stipulates that any individual engaged as a sole trader in a non-salaried professional activity (craft, industrial or commercial activity, or licensed profession) in the Principality of Monaco is eligible for the Exceptional Minimum Income, provided that their activity is not included on the list of activities in Article 2 of the Ministerial Decision dated 18 March 2020 on the temporary closure of certain businesses open to the public, and that he or she is not in receipt of the daily allowance paid out by the Social Services Compensation Fund as compensation for looking after children.

Applications for the Exceptional Minimum Income must be supported by a number of documents and declarations. A list is available on the Government website.

To help those affected complete their application, a page devoted to this measure has been posted on www.spe.gouv.mc today. It can be found by clicking on the COVID-19 tab.

Completed applications should be submitted to the COVID-19 Businesses Unit at the Welcome Office by email only: covid19rme@gouv.mc . The Welcome Office team will respond to applicants and inform them of their eligibility by email.

The Welcome Office will then be responsible for requesting payments from the Public Treasury on behalf of eligible applicants. Recipients will receive payments by bank transfer.

If you need any further information on this measure:

Contact:              COVID-19 Businesses Unit – Welcome Office

Email:                  covid19rme@gouv.mc

Website:             https://spe.gouv.mc/Covid-19/Informations-pratiques-Covid-19/Aide-aux-entreprises/Demander-le-Revenu-Minimum-Extraordinaire-RME



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