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06 April 2020 Press release

CORONAVIRUS: Two new measures to strengthen assistance and emergency procedures for victims of violence during lockdown


Two new measures have recently been introduced to strengthen the assistance and emergency procedures published by the Women’s Rights Committee.

To provide additional points of contact during the COVID-19 crisis, it is now possible to:

  • Report violence at the chemist
  •  Alert the police via email

Chemist shops in Monaco can now offer support and guidance, and will raise the alarm in emergency situations. 

Ms Caroline Rougaignon Vernin, who chairs the Board of the Order of Chemists, said “This provides another local point of contact that continues to be easily accessible.”

For those who are not able to use the phone, the Police Department has recently set up an email address that can be used to alert them: sos-violences@gouv.mc , in addition to the telephone numbers 17 and 93 15 30 15.

This service is accessible 24 hours a day for emergency situations involving violence.

Finally, during this period of lockdown, a reminder to everyone that social distancing does not mean that it is impossible to intervene. If you witness violence, if you hear sounds of hitting, shouting or crying, or if a violent dispute escalates, you can help by calling 17.

“It’s an act that may save a life. That said, you should call the police. Do not try and intervene directly,” said Chief Constable Rémy Lejuste, Head of the Administrative Police Division.

The government and associations in Monaco remain fully mobilised to assist women who experience violence during this crisis.

Full information on initiatives and procedures is available on www.dfm.mc and www.covid19.mc , as well as on social media, using the hashtags #COVID19, #ViolencesFemmesJ’agis and #DFM.

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