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27 October 2020 Press release

The 5th "Moi(s) sans Tabac" Stop Smoking Campaign

For the fifth consecutive year, the Principality of Monaco is taking part in and promoting the "Moi(s) sans Tabac" stop smoking campaign.

This is a collective challenge, a local health prevention campaign, which consists of encouraging and supporting all smokers in their efforts to stop smoking.
It is based on team spirit and the support of non-smokers, who encourage smokers during the withdrawal period.

All smokers are invited to quit smoking from Sunday 1 November for a month.
This is because, after 28 days, the unpleasant signs of withdrawal are considerably reduced, increasing the chances of success by five.

Such a scheme requires the major involvement of all health professionals, doctors, pharmacists, dental surgeons, midwives, masseurs and physiotherapists, nurses, osteopaths, psychologists, and others.
This year, in view of the current health situation, the focus will be on awareness-raising activities at a distance.

In November, let's quit together! Participants will be given daily support with their efforts.
The Prince's Government therefore invites smokers to take part in this event by registering for "Moi(s) sans Tabac," either via the Tabac/Info service website, by calling 3989 (free of charge in Monaco and France), or by downloading the app on a smartphone (see https://www.tabac-info-service.fr/ieme-fais-accompagner/je-telecharge-I-appli )

The best way to prepare yourself :
For the best possible chance of success, prepare yourself by contacting a tobacco addiction specialist or health professional, who will work with you to determine the quitting strategy that is most suitable for you.
Several methods can help you give up smoking and stay tobacco-free over the long term. It's up to you to choose those that are best suited to your tobacco use and way of life.

In addition, a free smoking cessation consultation is available at the Princess Grace Hospital and is accessible by telephone on

E-coaching – download a stop smoking app on:

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