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16 March 2020 Press release

PROCEDURE - Compensation for looking after children at home following closure of crèches, pre-schools and schools Exceptional and temporary measures due to COVID-19

As part of measures aimed at limiting the spread of coronavirus, the Prince’s Government has decided to temporarily close crèches and schools until further notice.

Parents affected who have children aged under 16 (or 18 in the case of children with disabilities) and who are affiliated to the Social Services Compensation Fund (CCSS) or the State Medical Benefits Office (SPME) must, as a first step, discuss with their employer the possibility of switching to home working for the duration of the closure.

Any refusal on the part of the employer must be justified.

Parents who are not able to take advantage of home working can receive paid sick leave, provided that the other parent is not temporarily laid off from their employment.

Only one parent may take leave in this situation, however the leave can be split between them.

Employers are asked to continue to pay their employees’ salaries.

Other categories of people covered by the Principality’s social security schemes should contact their Monegasque health insurance provider for details of the applicable provisions.


-              the employee or public official should contact their employer and assess any options for home working that could be put in place;

-              if home working can be implemented, the specific procedure on “Home Working”, dated 12 March 2020, applies. See:




-              if home working cannot be implemented, the employer must declare the employee absent from work and staying at home using the appropriate form, which should be submitted directly to the CCSS or SPME as required (see attached documents); 

-              compensation can be paid once this declaration has been made, including:

*             daily allowances

*              and, where appropriate, continued payment of salary by the employer from the first day of leave, without delay. 

Daily allowances will be paid by the CCSS or SPME under the following conditions: 

-              Only parents of children under 16 on the date that leave begins are covered by this measure. The age limit is set at 18 for children with disabilities who receive care at a specialist institution which is set to close.

-              The parent must be affiliated to a Monegasque social security organisation.

-              Only one parent (or guardian) may be granted leave. To this end, the employee must provide their employer with a sworn statement certifying that they alone are requesting leave for this purpose.

-              Leave may be shared between parents. It can be split by filling in a request for each leave period.

-              There must be no option for the company to offer the employee concerned the opportunity to work from home during this period: leave must be the only possible solution.

The declaration completed by the employer does not result in automatic payment of compensation to the affected employees. Allowances will be paid once the CCSS/SPME and Department of Employment have verified the information provided.






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