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05 May 2022 Press release

Nuisance phone calls: Police Department recommendations


In recent days, the Police Department has noted a renewed upsurge in telephone calls made by malicious individuals claiming to be customer relations managers for financial institutions.

These ill-intentioned individuals introduce themselves as banking advisors and inform the people they call that they are victims of fraudulent transactions (usually online purchases). The criminals deceive their victims by providing information about the accounts the victims hold and encouraging them to stop the fraudulent transactions by making a transfer using a code sent by text message, or by clicking on a link sent by the financial institution to safeguard the funds.

The Police Department urges the public to maintain the highest level of vigilance against this kind of cold calling, and reminds people that under no circumstances should they provide their user names or passwords over the telephone or open an email attachment if they do not know where it has come from.

If you are in any doubt or if a call appears to be fraudulent, please report the attempted fraud to the Police on

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