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04 May 2023 Press release

6th Monaco E-Prix: what disruption is expected?

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Work to install facilities, set up the various stands and provide space for buses to park... The Monaco E-Prix is a major event which will impact the road network and public transport. Details are below...


From 5 am until races finish on Saturday 6 May, there will be no vehicle access to:

  • Quai des États-Unis*
  • Route de la Piscine*
  • Jules Soccal jetty*
  • South dock*
  • Boulevard Albert I*
  • Place du Casino*
  • Avenue des Citronniers (as far as the entrance to the Métropole car park)*
  • Avenue Princesse Grace (from Avenue des Spélugues to Boulevard Louis II)*
  • Avenue J.-F. Kennedy*
  • Boulevard Louis II*
  • Avenue de la Madone (between the intersection with Avenue des Spélugues and Avenue de Grande-Bretagne)*
  • Avenue de Monte-Carlo*
  • Avenue d’Ostende*
  • Avenue des Spélugues*
  • Quai Albert I*
  • Avenue de la Costa (between number 3 and Avenue d’Ostende)*
  • Quai Antoine I
  • Rue Grimaldi (between Place Sainte-Dévote and Rue Princesse Florestine)
  • Avenue de la Quarantaine
  • Rocher Albert I Tunnel
  • Rocher Noghès Tunnel

* There will also be no pedestrian access to these roads, or to Boulevard du Larvotto (between the roundabout leading to Avenue de Grande-Bretagne and Rue Louis Aureglia) and the de la Costa and Sainte-Dévote stairs (except for people who have an admission ticket or a pass).

Other changes:

  • The one-way traffic direction will be reversed on Rue Princesse Florestine (between Rue Suffren Reymond and Rue Grimaldi), Rue Suffren Reymond (between Rue Louis Notari and Rue Princesse Florestine) and in the Serravalle Tunnel;
  • The one-way restriction on Avenue du Port (between Rue Terrazzani and Avenue de la Quarantaine) will be suspended;
  • Two-way traffic will be in place on Rue Grimaldi (between Rue Suffren Reymond and Place d’Armes).

From 7 am to 11.59 pm on 6 May, there will be no vehicle access:

  • between Avenue des Papalins and Avenue Albert II (in this direction);
  • on Avenue des Papalins (between numbers 13 and 39, in this direction).

Until 4 June, there will be no vehicle access to:

  • Rocher Antoine I Tunnel
  • Quai Antoine I (between the intersection with Route de la Piscine and number 14); two-way traffic will be put in place alongside the buildings.

Until 18 June, one-way traffic will be in place on:

  • Quai des États-Unis, from the intersection with Avenue J.-F. Kennedy and Route de la Piscine (in this direction);
  • Route de la Piscine.


Parking is prohibited on/in:

  • Rue Grimaldi, Rue Princesse Florestine, Rue Princess Antoinette, Rue Suffren Reymond and Rue Baron Sainte-Suzanne (parking for two-wheeled vehicles); Avenue des Citronniers (as far as the entrance to the Métropole parking area), Avenue Princesse Grace (from Avenue des Spélugues to Boulevard Louis II), Avenue de Grande-Bretagne (between Avenue de la Madone and Square Winston Churchill), Avenue J.-F. Kennedy, Avenue de Monte-Carlo, Avenue d’Ostende, Avenue de la Costa (between number 3 and Avenue d’Ostende), Avenue Prince Pierre (between numbers 2 and 8), Avenue du Port (between Place d’Armes and Rue Saige), Avenue de la Quarantaine and Avenue des Spélugues; Boulevard Albert I, Boulevard Charles III and Boulevard Louis II; Place du Casino; Allée Guillaume Apollinaire, until races finish on 6 May;
  • Rue Louis Notari, Ruelle Saint-Jean, Rue du Rocher, Avenue Henri Dunant and Avenue de la Madone until 9 pm on 6 May;
  • Avenue de Roqueville, Boulevard de Suisse (between Avenue de la Costa and Avenue de Roqueville) and Passage de la Porte Rouge until 11.59 pm on 7 May;
  • Rue Princesse Antoinette, in parking areas reserved for two-wheeled vehicles, between numbers 5 and 9 until 30 May;
  • Quai Antoine I and Esplanade des Pêcheurs until 4 June;
  • Quai des États-Unis, Quai Louis II, Route de la Piscine and South Dock until 18 June;
  • Jules Soccal jetty until 23 June.


Until 9 May, some Monaco ON charging points will be switched off and covered. The charging points affected are:

  • Rue Grimaldi
  • Rue Louis Notari
  • Rue Louis Aureglia
  • Rue Princesse Florestine
  • Quai des États-Unis
  • Avenue de la Madone
  • Avenue de la Quarantaine
  • Boulevard d’Italie


On 6 May, Monegasque Bus Company (CAM) routes will be diverted. Details are available at: https://www.cam.mc/a-la-une-fr/05-eprix-samedi-6-mai-2023


Intercity bus routes will also be diverted. See below for details...


The Sainte-Dévote self-service electric bike station has been moved to Promenade Honoré II.

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