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21 September 2023 Press release

Training courses at Espace PhiloMonaco - Philosophy for children: Understanding and experiencing what ‘philosophising’ means

Les Rencontres Philosophiques is offering a training course on how to run philosophy workshops for children. The course is designed to provide the tools needed to create, offer, and deliver philosophy-related activities for children aged 3 to 12, and is tailored towards anyone wishing to familiarise themselves with the issues and aims of philosophy for children.

This course offers two options:

- Theoretical training over one and a half days, including a presentation of the aims and issues surrounding philosophy for children, self-awareness exercises, philosophical practice and help preparing activity sessions.

- Four days of theoretical and practical training to discover different approaches, develop projects over the year and acquire leadership skills.

Participants will be introduced to the history of philosophical practice involving children and will learn to identify the issues involved in the practice while gaining confidence and creative skills in leading philosophical discussions. The course aims to provide an understanding of what it takes to create enriching philosophical activities for children, teaches how to encourage children to ask questions and how to support and nurture the philosophical nature of the activities: ‘elevate’ reflective thinking.

The course is led by Alicia Polzella Gauduel, a practising philosopher who runs philosophy workshops for children and is also an instructor for adults. Alicia studied philosophy at the University of Paris I Sorbonne-Panthéon, holds a University Diploma in Philosophy; working with children and adolescents at school and in the community (University of Nantes), and is a founding member of the "Faire Philo" association, which unites practising philosophers, and is also a member of the board of directors, in charge of the "Savoir-faire philosophiques" department.

The course will be held over 4 days throughout the year at the Espace PhiloMonaco, 2 bis rue Émile de Loth in the centre of Monaco, starting on 17 October 2023. 

Registration is open until 2 October, subject to availability.

For information, course dates and fees: contact@philomonaco.com

Website: www.philomonaco.com

Social media: @PHILOMONACO

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