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11 August 2020 Press release

11 August 2020 press conference - Employment support measures

 1-        The Prince’s Government is implementing the following measures to support employment as we move into autumn:

•          Extension of temporary layoff provisions      

 The strengthened provisions for total temporary layoff (CTTR) are being retained under the current conditions.                             

-        Provisions will be maintained during September and October to show the State’s continuing commitment.                             

-        The State’s contribution will not drop below a minimum level of 80%.


-        Businesses which were not obliged to close or were allowed to re-open in May: 100% contribution for May and June, 90% for July, and 80% for August, September and October;

-        Businesses which were allowed to reopen in June: 100% contribution for June and July, 90% for August, and 80% for September and October;

-        Nightclubs: the State will continue to fund CTTR at a rate of 100%.

•          Gradual reduction in flexible teleworking: businesses wishing to continue with teleworking arrangements will be invited to do so from 1 October within the framework set out by the law, thus gradually moving away from the exceptional provisions.

•          Relaxation of “pre-vocational training scheme” (this currently allows job applicants to receive a half salary paid by the State during the first three months of a trial period in a company). If the applicant is hired on a permanent or two-year fixed term contract, the employer can claim back social security contributions for a year. This will help Monegasque residents who receive unemployment or other state benefits (open measure lasting six months, with possibility of renewal).

2- The previous measures restated below are being maintained:

-        Continuation of partial exemption from employers’ contributions: extension of partial exemption through September and October (no changes to scope or conditions);

-        Continuation of social safeguard clause, which allows employers to have their employers’ contributions reimbursed in full for two years if they hire an employee who has worked in the Principality for 20 years and lost their job as a result of COVID-19.


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