Gouvernement Princier de Monaco
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Public finance – meeting challenges more effectively

Maintaining healthy finances to fund ambitious initiatives without undermining the Principality's future

Monaco is presently one of the very few countries not to have sovereign debt. Thanks to its Constitutional Reserve Fund, the Principality continues to enjoy undeniably robust financial independence.

This financial independence and the specific nature of the Principality's economic model, which is based on maintaining a stringent budgetary discipline, are the driving forces behind Monaco’s continued worldwide attractiveness and influence.

The mission of the Prince's Government does not consist of choosing between action and a balanced budget, but giving itself the means to finance initiatives in the long term, without running the risk of impoverishing the country.

In the next few years, the fundamental strategic objective of the Monegasque budget is to build upon the Principality's financial independence by creating the conditions for maintaining a balanced budget in the long term and thus confirming that its social and economic model is sustainable.