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03 February 2017 Press release

Implementation of a National Telephone Numbering Plan

The Prince's Government has decided to formalise the telephone numbering plan, based on the recommendations of the International Telecommunication Union, of which the Principality is a member.

This constitutes an important regulatory aspect, which is provided for in the public service concession for electronic communications, as well as in the licensing project for authorised operators in Monaco.

This National Numbering Plan consists of international numbers, accessible from abroad, and national numbers, which can only be dialled from the Principality.

Thus, for example, the numbers for the emergency services and numbers of general interest or of "harmonised social value" are listed, such as:


  • 17                               Police Department
  • 18                               Fire and Emergency Service
  • 112                             Fire and Emergency Service (European Emergency Number)
  • 196                             Sea Rescue
  • 116000                        Missing Children
  • 141 or 116117               Information on out-of-hours doctors and pharmacies
  • 116919                        Victims of domestic violence

More generally, the first number refers to the services provided:  landlines (9);  mobile phones (6);  and special numbers (8 and 3).The same principle applies to the first digits of the telephone number, making it possible to identify the tariffs for the call and providing clear information for users.  For example, for number 9, a basic tariff is applied, while 800 numbers are free of charge.

Ministerial Decree No. 2017-40 of 24 January 2017 setting out a national telephone numbering scheme, as published in the Journal de Monaco:


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