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07 June 2019 Press release

World Food Safety Day

On 20 December 2018, the United Nations General Assembly adopted a resolution declaring 7 June each year to be “World Food Safety Day”.

The aim of World Food Safety Day is to raise public awareness and encourage the introduction of measures that lead to safer food in order to protect consumers’ health.

The day provides an opportunity to step up efforts to guarantee risk-free food.

It should be noted that everyone involved in the food chain has a responsibility for food safety and can contribute to achieving it by adopting basic hygiene measures when buying, selling or preparing foodstuffs. These measures include:

-       maintaining good personal hygiene before and after handling foodstuffs

-       separating raw and cooked foods

-       making sure that foods are prepared and cooked properly

-       keeping foods at the right temperature

            All professionals are strongly advised to hold and read a copy of the Good Hygiene Practices Guide for their sector. This will help you to understand the hygiene and food safety rules that you need to follow.

Information is also available on the Prince’s Government’s website via the following link:


            Consumers are advised to consult the Good Practices Guide for consumers, which is available from the French Ministry of Agriculture and Food’s website (in French only):


World Food Safety Day is also important because it contributes to several of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which all UN member states must achieve by 2030.


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