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27 March 2017 News flash

Press Briefing – Robbery at the Cartier Jewellery Store

© Manuel Vitali - Direction de la Communication

On Monday 27 March, Jacques Dorémieux, Public Prosecutor and Richard Marangoni, Police Commissioner, held a press briefing on the robbery at the Cartier jewellery store, which took place on Saturday 25 March in the Place du Casino. 

To date, it has been established that five people were directly involved in this case:  three robbers, a driver and an accomplice, who was probably responsible for exfiltrating the driver.  Four of them were arrested within seven hours of the robbery. 

Jacques Dorémieux welcomed the fact that this case was dealt with effectively, in close coordination with the Monegasque and French authorities.  He was satisfied on two counts: 

  • The Police Department authorities were able to settle the main aspects of this case within 48 hours in a "remarkable way"
  • Almost all the stolen goods were recovered. 

As Richard Marangoni mentioned, the way in which the Police Department reacted – almost in real time – and the large-scale policing system that was put in place helped to make this operation a success.

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