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News of theme "Security"
05 November 2020 Press release


Following the Sovereign Prince’s announcement of the introduction of a curfew in the Principality last weekend, developments in the health situation have provoked some concerns which have been shared in the press and on social media.

Acting cohesively and consistently, the Government, following consultation with the National Council and key stakeholders in the Principality, has set out a range of measures to tackle the health challenges while at the same time allowing economic activity to continue.

On this occasion, the Government announced that in the current circumstances, the imposition of a curfew was the most appropriate measure to maintain this balance.

At this stage, the Government would like to confirm that a lockdown, which was rejected last week, is still not on the agenda, and that it is doing everything possible to avoid one. With this in mind, it is vital that everyone complies fully with the new measures. This extends also to barrier measures, including in private settings, and wearing masks in all public spaces in the Principality.

It has been noted that compliance with this last requirement has not been sufficient. As such, the Police Department has been instructed to carry out more systematic checks and to issue fines as necessary.

In response to the health crisis, the Prince’s Government, in consultation with the National Council, is committed to ensuring the highest possible degree of safety with regard to the health situation, while at the same time supporting all businesses that have been affected by the crisis. The Government will continue to follow this course of action.

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