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News of theme "Security"
28 May 2018 Press release

Help Mask Call for Vigilance

The attention of the Prince's Government has been drawn to the promotional leaflets distributed by Help Mask relating to a protective mask to be used in the event of a fire.  These leaflets make reference to 60 minutes' autonomy in the absence of a fresh air supply. 

The fire and emergency services have serious reservations about the alleged effectiveness of this mask. 

The Prince's Government therefore recommends that anyone who has acquired or wishes to acquire this mask, which is marketed by the Help Mask company, to be extremely vigilant in this regard. 

It wishes to point out formally that, although the emergency numbers 18 and 112 are listed on Help Mask's leaflets, the competent services have made no recommendations or issued any approval with regard to the products in question. 

Consequently, the Prince's Government recommends that anyone who has acquired or wishes to acquire this product should exercise the utmost vigilance.



For more information on the risk of fire and what to do, see:





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