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13 July 2017 Press release

4th GRECO evaluation round: Monaco report adopted

From 19 to 23 June 2017, the 76th Plenary Meeting of the Council of Europe’s Group of States against Corruption (GRECO) was held, during which the evaluation report for Monaco as part of the fourth evaluation round was adopted. The fourth evaluation round focuses on preventing corruption by members of parliament, judges and prosecutors.

The report, which marks the beginning of a new round, was drafted after the Monegasque authorities completed a preliminary evaluation questionnaire and subsequently welcomed a team of evaluators in November 2016. The team met the various figures involved in this round, members of parliament and judges.

For the adoption of the report, a Monegasque delegation[1] travelled to Strasbourg so that they could respond to questions put forward by members of the GRECO Committee – in plenary session – and provide any useful information required.

In conclusion, while emphasising that “the management of anti-corruption policies has continued to progress in the right direction over recent years, and the mechanisms in this area are being gradually strengthened,” the report highlights 16 recommendations which Monaco is invited to implement by 31 December 2018.

Following Monaco’s authorisation of its publication, the report is publically available via the GRECO website: http://www.coe.int/en/web/greco .



Established in 1999 by the Council of Europe to monitor member states’ compliance with the organisation’s anti-corruption standards, GRECO’s objective is to improve the capacity of its members to fight corruption by monitoring their compliance with Council of Europe anti-corruption standards through a dynamic process of mutual evaluation and peer pressure. It helps to identify deficiencies in national anti-corruption policies, prompting the necessary legislative, institutional and practical reforms. GRECO also provides a platform for the sharing of best practice in the prevention and detection of corruption.


[1] The delegation was led by Jean-Laurent Ravera, Head of the Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms Section in the Department of Legal Affairs, and included:

- Mr Christophe Steiner, President of the National Council

- Mr Jean-Charles Allavena, Chair of the External Relations Committee and the Special Committee for Amending Electoral Law and the Law on the Organisation and Operation of the National Council

- Ms Elodie Kheng, Advisor for Financial and International Affairs (National Council)

- Ms Victoria Pellegrin, International Affairs Officer (National Council)

- Mr Eric Senna, Advisor, Court of Appeal

- Ms Antonella Sampo-Couma, Advisor to the Secretary of Justice

- Mr Jean-Marc Gualandi, Technical Advisor, SICCFIN


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