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20 February 2020 News flash

UN - Monaco Includes the Subject of Sport in the Work of the 58th Session of the Commission for Social Development

The 58th session of the Commission for Social Development, in which the Permanent Mission of the Principality of Monaco to the United Nations in New York participated, was held from 10 to 19 February 2020.  For the first time, this subsidiary body of the Economic and Social Council addressed the subject of homelessness.  The main theme of this session was "Affordable housing and social protection systems for all to address homelessness."

Cédric Braquetti, Deputy Permanent Representative, took the floor during the general debate to present the Principality of Monaco's health and social policy, which is proactive and has a human focus.

This 58th session led to the adoption of an important resolution on homelessness, in which the theme of "sport," backed by Monaco, was included.  The Monegasque delegation noted the importance of sport, in particular for homeless persons, for ensuring social ties and physical and mental health, which is essential for fostering a dynamic of integration.*

 *:  Paragraph 25 of Resolution E/CN.5/2020/L.5:  "Recognizes the importance of the practice of sport and physical activity for homeless people, including youth and students facing homelessness, and of access to sport infrastructure, and highlights that sport can provide important social benefits to homeless people as well as opportunities to overcome challenges linked to homelessness, social exclusion and lack of perspectives."

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