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18 June 2018 News flash

Inauguration of the Rue de Monaco in Moulainville

Inauguration of the Rue de Monaco in Moulainville 

On 9 June 2018, H.E. Mr. Claude Cottalorda, Ambassador of the Principality of Monaco to France, with Ms. Bernadette Dobin, Mayor of Moulainville, unveiled two plaques on the main street of this town in the Meuse.  The street now bears the name of "Rue de Monaco."  The Ambassador was accompanied on this occasion by Mr. Michel Baly, Consul of Monaco in Strasbourg for the Grand Est and Burgundy-Franche-Comté regions.

Also present at the ceremony were the population and children of the town, the two Senators of the Meuse, Mr. Gérard Longuet, former Minister and Mr. Franck Menonville, as well as Mr. Benoît Vidon, Sub-Prefect of Verdun, and numerous well-known figures from the region. 

The links between Principality and this town, whose inhabitants are nicknamed "the Monacos," are two-fold.

The first dates back to the appointment in 1875 by Prince Charles III of Louis Chadenet-Senocq, who originated from the town, as private secretary to the new Governor General of the Principality, Baron Charles Boyer de Sainte-Suzanne.

The other, more indirect link, results from the marriage in 1782 of the younger brother of the future Prince Honoré IV, Prince Joseph, to the niece of the famous Minister of Louis XV, the Duke of Choiseul-Stainville;   Moulainville was one of his fiefdoms.

The ceremony continued with the unveiling of a plaque affixed to the outside wall of the town hall in memory of "Françoise Thérèse Choisieul, Princess of Monaco" wife of Joseph Grimaldi and "Louis Chadenet Senocq, private secretary of the Governor of the Principality of Monaco."

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