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20 December 2018 Press release

The festival of animals is back in Monaco!

43rd International Circus Festival of Monte-Carlo

From the 17th to the 27th January 2019


Press Release n°3


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When he created the International Circus Festival of Monte Carlo in 1974, the visionary Prince Rainier already insisted on the need to treat animals kindly, both in and out of the ring.

Respect, bonding, play and affection are values that the Organising Committee, under the presidency of H.S.H Princess Stéphanie, continues to promote: the animals, often born in a circus, are thought of as genuine artistes. Inside the big top as well as in the menagerie, the audience will be able to see that the animals are the stars of this 43rd edition … and without them there wouldn't be any circus. Here are some of the acts you'll be able to enjoy:


-        Martin Lacey, considered to be one of the greatest big cat trainers in the world, will present a group of 26 big cats that has never been brought together in a cage before. You'll experience 20 minutes of wonder whilst the trainer uses gentle encouragement to get his animals to perform many impressive tricks. Do we need to add that Martin Lacey bottle-fed all these big cats himself?

-        Marcel Krämer, who has been passionate about training since his childhood, will come to Monaco with a group of … donkeys, and he'll even get them to waltz in the ring! Why do these animals have a reputation for being stubborn?

-        The Cossack women from Gia Eradze's "Royal Circus", galloping at high speeds, perform all their most daring and difficult tricks – headstands, picking up objects, drags – whilst riding their horses. Their skills would make many a male rider jealous!


There would be no great festival without animals or without the participation of a country where the art of circus was born: China. The audience will be able to enjoy:


-        Acrobatics on flexible canes by Xing Yunwei. The artiste piles up canes allowing him to build two columns on the top of which he does the splits and some unique tricks;

-        The acrobatic troupe of Beijing uses three moving masts to show off their incredible agility and they treat us to a very special acrobatic performance.



* Internet: www.montecarlofestival.mc or www.France-billet.com or www.fnac.com

* Telephone: +377 92 05 23 45  * Fax: +377 92 05 26 22

* At the door: the circus ticket booths are open from 10am to 1pm and 2pm to 6pm

* By post: please send your order along with a cheque in euros or a credit card number to: Monte-Carlo Festival - Avenue des Ligures - MC 98000 Monaco



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