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25 January 2018 News flash

NMNM – Villa Sauber LAB#2, Hors Catégories ("Unclassified")

A view of the LAB#2 exhibition – works by Berger&Berger ©Government Communication Department/Manuel Vitali

The New National Museum of Monaco is presenting LAB#2, Hors Catégories ("Unclassified")until 18 March 2018 at the Villa Sauber, with Berger&Berger, Patrick Corillon, Félix Dol Maillot and Damien MacDonald. 

Initiated at the Villa Sauber two years ago, LAB consists of making the museum into a "laboratory" and clarifying the experiments carried out there;  encouraging the public to look at the museum while they are walking through it and no longer be mere visitors, but transform their visit into a shared experience. 

This second event aims to continue redefining the museum – better still, to put an end to definitions, going off the beaten track with uncategorised creatives who shake up the meaning of the word "artist" through protean practices.  From now on, it is up to the guests to question the place in which they find themselves, to expose this questioning. 

In this exhibition, five artists imagine the museum of the future.  Their offerings are complemented by an exhibition of works by Michel Blazy, who was born in Monaco and is internationally recognised for his use of perishable materials. 

Admission is free.

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