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News of theme "Coronavirus (Covid-2019)"
09 April 2020 Press release

COVID-19: Third Meeting of the Joint Monitoring Committee

A third meeting of the Joint COVID-19 Monitoring Committee was held on Thursday 9 April at the Ministry of State.

At this meeting, the Prince's Government informed representatives of the National Council of the decisions that have been taken and those to be taken with regard to the health crisis and its social and economic impact. 

In addition, the Government reassured the members of the National Council:

  • of its readiness to recommend the wearing of masks, as soon as this measure becomes applicable;
  • of the implementation in the Amending Budget of a EUR 150 million Emergency Response Fund, EUR 50 million of which are allocated as a guarantee for bank loans.  The conditions for the use of this fund will be the subject of further consultations with the National Council. 

The Prince's Government also referred to the health constraints imposed on contractors who wish to resume work on private construction sites during the lockdown period.  The measures are strict and are subject to regular monitoring.  The strengthening of the support mechanism for businesses affected by the COVID-19 crisis was also discussed, such as, for example, the extension of the Exceptional Minimum Income for sole trader activities and the development of Small Business Support for managing partners who are also majority shareholders.

A discussion also took place on the implementation of the exceptional measures decided upon to deal with the health crisis.  At this meeting, members of the National Council presented a number of additional measures, which will be examined by the Prince's Government in the coming days.

This Joint Committee was held just prior to the Plenary Study Committee, which is examining the first amending budget for the year 2020.

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