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15 January 2021 Press release

The Prince's Government Suspends the Three-Day Waiting Period in the Event of Absence from Work in Anticipation of a PCR Test

As part of efforts to combat the spread of the COVID-19 epidemic, the Prince's Government has suspended the three-day waiting period for absence from work in anticipation of a PCR test.

This measure will take effect from 15 January 2021, until 15 February 2021.

In practical terms, when an employee or civil servant of the Principality is ordered to stop work while awaiting a PCR test, he or she will receive daily compensation paid by the CCSS or the SPME, as the case may be, from the first day of absence from work.

These allowances guarantee the employee 50% of his or her pay.  Depending on the measures applicable in each business, an employer may implement a salary continuance measure.

Suspending the waiting period makes it possible to help employees and civil servants comply with the self-isolation measures, which a loss of income during this time could discourage.

The implementation of this measure is subject to the prescription of a "COVID - for the purpose of PCR testing" work stoppage order.

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