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Point Presse Coronavirus 02-03-2020 - Photo Credit:  Government Communication Department/Manuel Vitali

Coronavirus - Monaco is Holding Out

02 March 2020 Social Affairs and Health Press release

At the Government's press briefing this evening, Serge Telle, Minister of State, stated that this morning, at the Ecole de la Condamine school, the return to school had taken place with no worry or anxiety. "Faced with this epidemic, we are ready and mobilised. But the State cannot do everything. It is also the...

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CORONAVIRUS : Bilan du week-end en Principauté de Monaco

01 March 2020 Press release

Le Gouvernement s’est réuni ce matin avec les différents services concernés afin de poursuivre la coordination sanitaire et faire un point d’étape sur l’évolution de l’épidémie du Covid-19. A ce stade, seul un prélèvement s’est avéré positif. Tous les autres prélèvements effectués jusqu’ici sont négatifs. Ceci étant...

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Coronavirus: A Sample Proves Positive

28 February 2020 Press release

The Principality's health authorities have been informed that a person seen by medical staff in the morning and taken to the Princess Grace Hospital has tested positive forCOVID-19.While awaiting the results of the sample taken, the patient was placed in isolation in the unit dedicated by the establishment for this...

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Covid 19 - PP Tourisme - ©Direction de la Communication - Manuel Vitali

COVID-19: Government meets with tourism industry representatives

28 February 2020 News flash

Minister of Finance and Economy Jean Castellini met representatives from Monaco’s tourism sector (hotels, Grimaldi Forum, the Monegasque Hospitality Industry Association (AIHM) and the Union of Travel Agents) at the Ministry of State today to discuss the situation in the industry in light of the COVID-19 crisis.“I s...

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Information about COVID-19 in the Principality of Monaco

28 February 2020 Press release

Given the rapidly evolving nature of the COVID-19 epidemic, the Monegasque authorities have adopted a stance of constant vigilance and are maintaining regular contact with their French and Italian counterparts. The measures announced by the Prince’s Government are thus liable to change as the situation surrounding t...

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