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16 April 2019 Press release

The Prince's Government Makes a Commitment to Monaco Telecom With Regard to the Financing of Internet Security Solutions

Martin Peronnet, Director General of Monaco Telecom on the left and Serge Telle, Minister of State on the right. ©Direction de la Communication / Manuel Vitali

This morning, Serge Telle presented Martin Peronnet, Director General of Monaco Telecom, with a letter of intent regarding the financing of Internet security solutions for individuals and professionals - Monaco Care Safety and Monaco Care Password, high-performance services to ensure the security of smartphones, computers and tablets.

This commitment by the State, alongside the Monegasque operator, is in line with the policy adopted since 2016 as part of the Principality's Digital Security Strategy, which is being implemented in close collaboration with the AMSN (Monaco Cyber Security Agency:  https://amsn.gouv.mc/ ).  It reflects the wish to provide users with an effective solution for protecting personal data on a day-to day basis.

The Minister of State stated that "digital technology must remain at the service of human beings, individuals and the community.  It is not a matter of restricting freedom, but protecting it.  This is one of the aims of our work.  And, from this point of view, the commitment of public authorities is essential.  This is a sovereign mission, as is the security of property and people. "

For several months, Monaco Telecom has been providing a new service in association with 

F-Secure, a multi-award-winning global player in the development of Internet security solutions:

  • Monaco Care Safety will offer security features such as virus protection, secure browsing, banking protection, localisation of equipment and parental control.
  • Monaco Care Password will make it possible to store passwords, bank card numbers and other important information securely.

Five licenses will be offered free of charge to all Ultra High Speed Internet customers and LaBOX Mini or Maxi from June onwards.  These services will be compatible with various computers (PC and MAC) and operating systems (Android and iOS).

From left to right: Admiral Dominique Riban, Director of the AMSN, Frédéric Genta, Country Chief Digital Officer, Martin Peronnet, Director General of Monaco Telecom, Etienne Franzi, President of Monaco Telecom, Serge Telle, Minister of State, Samu Konttinen, CEO of F-Secure, Kristian Järnefelt, EVP Consumer Business Security and Robert Colle, Secretary General of the Government. ©Direction de la Communication / Manuel Vitali

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