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01 March 2021 Press release

Special Monaco Info programme on 1 March Fibre is coming to the Principality... and it will not go unnoticed

Autour du présentateur Sébastien Borgnat, Martin Peronnet (à gauche) et Frédéric Genta (à droite). ©Direction de la Communication / Stéphane Danna

As the Principality prepares to take the next step in its digital transition, at 9 pm on 1 March, Monaco Info will broadcast a special report on the opportunities offered by the arrival of fibre access for the entire Monegasque population.

Over the course of 30 minutes the programme, put together by Sébastien Borgnat, will provide a chance to hear from the main players involved in this technological transformation, as well as testimonials from the first pilot customers.

On behalf of the Extended Monaco programme, Frédéric Genta, the Country Chief Digital Officer, will explain the Principality’s vision in this area, where fibre is one of the three pillars, alongside 5G and the sovereign cloud. 

With 210 kilometres of cables laid and 100,000 connections already installed, the national telecommunications operator is the project manager for this cutting-edge equipment, on which its teams have been working for months. Martin Peronnet, the CEO of Monaco Telecom, will set out how fibre will enable the development of digital technology in the home: faster speeds, greater convenience and stability, new, higher-performance Wi-Fi and a new generation of TV services.

Focusing on the challenges involved, testimonials, practical information and fees, among other things, the programme seeks to answer every question and will, to a certain extent, launch the fibre era to the general public in the Principality.

Frédéric Genta: “With the arrival of fibre, the Principality is increasing its capacity to accelerate the digital transition by offering a more stable network that is ten times faster in terms of connectivity and Wi-Fi. This new stage in technology serves three levels of users: residents, of course, but also companies, who are faced with the new demands of teleworking, and finally the country, which will benefit from a great asset that will enhance its attractiveness.”

Martin Peronnet: “We are conscious that we are moving through a decisive stage in Monaco’s digital life. Digital technology is increasingly at the centre of all of our lives, and fibre will be the primary network for this for at least the next 20 years... We are not simply launching a network, we are launching a new experience, that we hope will be of very high quality and among the most innovative.

I would like to thank all of the company’s staff who have fully stepped up to the task of making this launch a success for residents and businesses.”


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