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13 April 2018 Press release

The A8 Motorway and the Centre of Monaco - New "Temps de parcours" ("Journey Time") Information System

Every day, almost 20,000 vehicles use the A500 motorway - the junction between Monaco and the A8 motorway – mostly for journeys between home and work.

To enable motorists to be better informed about traffic conditions, the Prince's Government, through the Department of Urban Amenities (DAU), VINCI Autoroutes (Vinci Motorways) and the Metropolis of Nice Côte d'Azur, have created a "journey time" information system on the A500 motorway, the RM 6007 and within the Principality.

These journey times will be displayed on variable message signs.  Users will thus be able to estimate their time of arrival, in both directions.

Clients of VINCI Autoroutes can already take advantage of a number of schemes* enabling them to obtain information on traffic conditions on the motorway.  They can therefore choose the best time to leave and estimate their travel time. 

To optimise this information, the Prince's Government and VINCI Autoroutes, in partnership with the Metropolis of Nice Côte d'Azur, have installed eight journey time sensors, located at strategic points between the A8 motorway and the centre of Monaco – a very busy itinerary. 

VINCI Autoroutes provide a total of 12 different journey times to the DAU, which is responsible for managing the display.  These panels and sensors are installed as shown on the attached map. 

The eight information signs enable motorists departing from Monaco to find out about the main journey times between:



- Monaco and the A8 motorway

- Monaco and certain destinations along the A8 (Nice Côte d'Azur Airport, Cannes, Aix-en-Provence, etc.). 

From the A8 motorway to Monaco-Fontvieille and Monte-Carlo, motorists will benefit from a "journey time" display on several variable message signs (A8 motorway) and on four signs (between the A500 motorway and Monaco).

As a reminder, the DAU already has 30 variable message signs (six in France and 24 in the Principality).  It will acquire ten more during 2018.  In the Nice Cote d'Azur metropolitan area, this system is technically based on the existing traffic lights and electrical cabinets.

* : ways of informing users in real time: 

  • Radio VINCI Autoroutes (107.7)
  • 38 variable message signs installed on the A8
  • 3605, the free 24/7 customer service phoneline (free service + call charges)
  • The free VINCI Autoroutes app for smartphones (traffic conditions, disruptions, weather, roadworks, etc.)
  • The web site www.vinci-autoroutes.com (traffic situation and traffic forecasts)
  • Twitter accounts @VINCIAutoroutes: @A46Trafic; @A8Trafic; @A10Trafic; @duplexa86; @A63Trafic;  and @TunnelToulon

More info:  amenagement@gouv.mc

Press Contacts:



Arnault de Menou                                                                                Arielle Barrabino

Communications Officer  - ESCOTA Network                                          Government Communication Department

Tel.:  04 93 48 50 71 - 07 63 59 28 34                                                 Tel . :  (+377) 98 98 43 49

arnault.demenou@vinci-autoroutes.com  abarrabino@gouv.mc





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