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15 October 2020 Press release

Monaco to roll out digital identity and trusted services

Julien Dejanovic au pupitre ©Direction de la Communication - Michael Alesi

As the cornerstone of its digital ecosystem and Extended Monaco programme, Monaco’s digital identity scheme will offer optimal security thanks to the use of IN Groupe technologies.

Monaco, 15 October 2020 – The Principality of Monaco has announced that it has selected IN GROUPE as the technology partner to design and secure its digital identity scheme. Following the adoption of Act 1483 by the National Council on 17 December 2019, the Government, staying true to its values in terms of data protection and respect for privacy, is keen to guarantee the required level of confidence.

As part of its digital transition programme, Extended Monaco, the Prince’s Government has embarked on a number of major projects (the Sovereign Cloud, 5G, Digital Secondary School, e-Health, Security Token Offering, etc.). Through this partnership with IN Groupe, the Principality is aiming to give probative value to digital services.

A global specialist in digital identity and secure digital services, IN Groupe is a trusted strategic partner for any country looking to take control of its sovereignty in terms of identity and to guarantee a basic right, the right to be oneself, to all of its citizens.

Confident that the French group has the ability to combine cutting-edge technological expertise and tailored support, the Principality of Monaco has chosen IN Groupe to define, develop, implement and roll out an integrated, comprehensive (physical and digital) identity system.

To produce the new Monegasque identity documents (electronic identity cards, residency permits, biometric passports), IN Groupe is offering a highly effective and personalised solution that complies with Monegasque law, meets the Government’s expectations and is in line with the physical and digital habits of the Principality’s citizens and residents. 

Each Monegasque national and resident will be able to obtain a digital identity associated with their new identity document according to a provisional roll-out schedule beginning in the first half of 2021. This digital identity will enable highly secure, simple authentication, with no need for additional documentation, providing streamlined access to the various procedures that nationals and residents may enter into or wish to enter into with Government departments.

An ambitious programme focused on providing security for people, their data and their digital habits

Governed by Monegasque law, this connection between sovereign identity and digital identity will be at the heart of the digital relationship between public services and public service users. It will enable highly secure, simple authentication, with no need for additional documentation, providing streamlined access to the various procedures that citizens may enter into or wish to enter into with Government departments.

The highly secure technological solutions combined with a process spanning from physical enrolment to the issue of physical and digital identity documents will offer the people of Monaco the option to obtain a digital identity when they renew their national identity document.

Designed to fit within both the physical and digital worlds, the Monegasque digital identity will provide a strong level of authentication and qualified signature.

A digital identity that meets the highest international standards

In accordance with the general security framework in the Principality of Monaco and with European regulations (electronic identification and trust services – eIDAS), the Monegasque digital identity is expected to offer digital interoperability with the various European electronic identification services.

The Principality of Monaco and the Sovereign Prince have made data protection and respect for privacy a priority. As such, and in line with GDPR, a sovereign identity can only incorporate a digital identity with the explicit consent of the person concerned.

Open technology standards have been chosen to facilitate rapid integration of the Monegasque digital identity with existing and future services. By opting for interoperable standards (OSIA and OIDC – OpenID Connect), the Government intends to simplify the roll-out and use of the digital identity as part of its e-services.

A service set for roll-out in 2021

Teams at Monaco City Hall and the Police Department are preparing to issue the first cards equipped with a digital identity during the first half of 2021.

All new cards issued from that point will be able to activate the digital identity, and all Monegasque nationals and residents will be allowed to renew their identity document and take advantage of all the associated new functionality.

A better relationship between the Government and citizens:

  • Strong authentication for government and private-sector e-services / A new qualified signature
  • Available on mobile devices (for ease-of-use, in line with today’s habits)
  • A number of e-services are currently developing or integrating the use of digital identity:
    • Production of online sworn statements
    • Signature of paperless contracts
    • Online civil registration documents from Monaco City Hall
    • Access to multiple e-services using single sign-on (single window)

The Principality is at a turning point in its history. More than ever before, it is shifting towards a digital future and equipping itself with the right infrastructure. The country is putting digital at the heart of its strategy, making Monaco a model nation when it comes to technological progress.

Julien Dejanovic, Director of Digital Services for the Prince’s Government, commented: “A level of trust in our digital solutions is essential to ensure the proper roll-out and optimal use by Monegasque nationals and residents in the Principality of these services.

Security is a pillar of our digital identity project, for both the digital component and the physical medium used for the cards.

We must guarantee the highest security standards in this area, and that’s one reason why we chose IN Groupe for this project.”

Didier Trutt, CEO of IN Groupe, said: “It is an honour to assist the Principality of Monaco in its sovereignty goals by supporting its digital transition ambition. In this context, a secure identity, whether physical or digital, is more critical than ever. Our teams are working closely with the Prince’s Government to ensure that daily life for Monegasque citizens is easier, smarter and more reliable.”

About Extended Monaco

Extended Monaco is the Monegasque model in a digital world.

Led by the Digital Transition Office, the programme’s goal is to make digital technology the foundation of all public policies, to provide a sustainable basis for all aspects of society, in terms of health, education and public services.

Since 2019, Extended Monaco has been implementing initiatives to improve quality of life for Monegasques,
diversify the economy through digital technology, and create a competitive and resilient digital ecosystem.


Monaco Government Communication Department – +377 98 98 22 22 or hzorgniotti@gouv.mc

About IN Groupe

A partner of the French Government for nearly 500 years, IN Groupe offers identity solutions and secure digital services at the cutting-edge of technology, integrating electronics, optics and biometrics. From components to services, as well as interoperable systems and documents, IN Groupe, a global specialist in identity and secure digital services, is here to make daily life easier for everyone. Supporting governments seeking to exercise their sovereignty. Protecting citizens’ identities. Safeguarding businesses’ integrity. Whatever the challenge, IN Groupe, a digital sovereignty company, helps to ensure that everyone enjoys the basic right to be themselves. IN Groupe is the new brand of Groupe Imprimerie Nationale. IN Groupe operates three affiliated brands: SPS for electronic components, Surys for optical and holographic security, and Nexus for corporate digital identity and IoT solutions. Each of the brands offers leading technologies within their markets.

IN Groupe in figures:

Revenue: €475 million (2019, pro forma) – 1,700 staff – 5 sites in France – 8 sales offices throughout the world – 130 countries using IN Groupe solutions – 28 partner governments

For more information, see: www.ingroupe.com


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Romain Galesne-Fontaine: romain.galesne-fontaine@ingroupe.com


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