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05 December 2022 Press release

Foreign residents: new online service for exchanging your driving licence

Nouveau téléservice du STC

As part of efforts to modernise its services and improve support for users, the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Office, in collaboration with the Extended Monaco scheme, is providing new ways to access online services for residents of the Principality and foreign nationals looking to settle in Monaco. The strategy for welcoming new residents is a key part of the policy adopted by the Prince’s Government to make Monaco a more attractive destination.

From now on, anyone holding a foreign driving licence who becomes resident in the Principality can apply for a Monegasque licence via MonGuichet.mc, the online services portal of the Prince’s Government and Monaco City Hall. This modernisation is the result of a collaboration between the Ministry of Public Works, the Environment and Urban Development and the Interministerial Delegation for Digital Transition.

Users who hold a valid foreign driving licence recognised by the Principality of Monaco (see the list of countries whose licences are exchangeable) must apply to the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Office to exchange their licence within one year of settling in the Principality, i.e. before their first residency permit expires.

Along with their residency permit, new residents are given a digital identity with highly secure access to the online portal via the MConnect service, which they may use to submit their application.

The aim is to ensure the procedure is as simple as possible and carried out entirely online, with:

- 24/7 service accessible from a computer, smartphone or tablet.
- Online payment.
- The ability to track applications in real-time via the “My Applications” section of the MonGuichet.mc website.

“Every year, over 700 foreign driving licences are exchanged for Monegasque licences. This new online service enables users to complete the process more easily. Following a step-by-step guide, they are able to enter all of the necessary details and obtain a list of the documents required, which they can then upload. Once their application has been accepted, they will only need to come to the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Office in person to physically exchange their driving licence,” explains Aurélie PERI, Head of the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Office.

“Monaco’s Public Services began the process of modernising formalities for new residents several months ago. It will enable us to meet their expectations by providing fast, personalised services, with shorter turnaround times.” emphasises Julien Dejanovic, Director of the Digital Services Department.

After the initial one year period has expired, the foreign licence is no longer valid, and its holder loses their entitlement to drive a vehicle in the Principality.

However, residents who have missed this one-year deadline are not required to take all of the theoretical and practical driving tests in the Principality. Instead, they can ask a driving school to arrange a driving skills test for the relevant categories.

How to submit an application
The online service is available at MonGuichet.mc, in the “Transport” section.

Full details of the licence exchange process can be found on the Public Services website: https://bit.ly/3g5mSiC  

For more information:
Driver and Vehicle Licencing Office
23, Avenue Albert II
98 000 MONACO
(+377) 98 98 80 14 (phone line open from Monday to Friday, 9.30 am to 5 pm)

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