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17 October 2018 News flash

Air quality in the Principality: monitoring, information and reducing sources of pollution

Monaco’s public policy on air quality is based on three elements: monitoring, information and reducing sources of pollution.

Photo credit: Michael Alesi © Government Communication Department

Copyright - Direction de la Communication / Michael Alési

As part of the Prince’s Government’s policy to improve quality of life, Minister of Public Works, the Environment and Urban Development Marie-Pierre Gramaglia this morning led a press conference on air quality, supported by teams from her Ministry.

In the face of the climate emergency and the health impact of air pollution, the Government is mobilising and expanding its action in three areas: monitoring, information and reducing sources of pollution.

Following an introduction from Marie-Pierre Gramaglia, the Director of the Environment, Valérie Davenet, recalled that an air quality monitoring network had been in operation since 1991, employing five permanent stations, which are authorised and certified, to cover the entire country and produce measurements that are 100% reliable. Ms Davenet also noted the publication online, via the Government web portal, of an Air Quality Index, now available to all at (link ).

Armelle Roudaut-Lafon, Director of Maritime Affairs, then presented the sovereign ordinance on preventing atmospheric pollution and banning the use heavy fuel oil, which has a sulphur content of 3.5%, on ships. Through this strong action, the Principality has chosen to anticipate the creation of a controlled emissions zone in the Mediterranean and the global lowering of sulphur levels in heavy fuel oil planned for 2020 (see attached technical information sheet).

Daniel Réalini, Deputy Executive Director of the Société d’Exploitation des Ports de Monaco (Monaco Ports’ Operating Company) drew the press conference to a close with a presentation of future improvements, which will reduce the atmospheric pollution generated by ships.

More information will be available on our social media pages and on Monaco Info from this evening.

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