Gouvernement Princier de Monaco
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Louis I

Grandson of Honoré II, Louis I (1642-1701) had king Louis XIV as a godfather, a testament to the close relations which were being forged with France. The Prince put himself in the king’s service, fighting in numerous wars in the rank of a Colonel. He fought in many campaigns against Flanders and Holland. In 1698, the king made Louis I his ambassador to the Pope, a significant sign of trust and esteem.

As for Charlotte de Gramont, Louis I’s wife, she was put in positions of significant responsibility in the French court. Amongst other things, she was lady-in-waiting then first lady of honour to the Duchesses of Orléans. She founded the Visitation convent in Monaco, which is now the Lycée Albert I.

Date de référence :
1642 - 1701