Gouvernement Princier de Monaco
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Charles III

Prince Charles III (1818-1889) is famous for having come up with the idea that a district in Monaco could be put aside for bathing in the sea and for leisure activities. Prince Charles gave his name to that place which, since it is raised above the rest of the land, is now called Monte-Carlo. The financial windfall that Monte-Carlo provided led the way to modern-day Monaco, allowing the Principality to become involved in projects which diversified the economy.

Charles III played an important role in the affirmation of Monaco’s sovereignty. He established diplomatic and consular relations with other countries, found a national flag for the Principality, provided the Principality with a medal (the Order of Saint-Charles) as well as an autonomous diocese, reestablished monetary impressions and also issued the first postage stamp in the history of the Principality in 1885.

Date de référence :
1818 - 1889

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