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16 January 2017 Press release

Changes to access to the cemetery and to the footpath between Boulevard Charles III and upper part of Avenue Pasteur

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Work to create a car park for the new Princess Grace Hospital has been ongoing since July 2015, resulting in changes to access to the cemetery and to the footpath. 

At the edge of the upper part of the cemetery, the laying of foundations for a structure which will eventually support the top end of Avenue Pasteur will begin on 17 January 2017. 

During the first four months, this work will require the closure of the pavement running alongside the cemetery and the introduction of a temporary footpath between Boulevard Charles III and the top end of Avenue Pasteur, leading towards Princess Grace Hospital, via the Pissarelles stairs (see map below). 

Throughout this phase of the work, it will not be possible to access the cemetery from Avenue Pasteur (the upper entrance). Access will only be available via the other two entrances: the middle car park and the lower car park (on the Basse Corniche road side). 

The Prince’s Government is installing appropriate traffic signs around the site to ensure that pedestrians can easily identify the temporary footpath.

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