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22 May 2021 Press release

RAMOGEPOL 2021 Exercise

On 26 and 27 May 2021, a maritime pollution response exercise, "RAMOGEPOL 2021," will be organised off the coast of Cap Corse.

The Maritime Prefecture of the Mediterranean, in conjunction with the Prefecture of Haute-Corse, is organising the "RAMOGEPOL 2021" exercise along the eastern coast of Cap Corse (between Macinaggio and Bastia), in conjunction with its Italian and Monegasque partners.

The exercise is being held within the framework of the RAMOGE* tripartite agreement for preventing and combating marine pollution.

This type of exercise is organised regularly in turn by the signatory countries of the Agreement and makes it possible to test the Franco-Italian-Monegasque intervention resources (coordination and speed of response) with regard to preventing and combating pollution on the high seas following a maritime accident.

The exercise will focus on the activation of the marine pollution response systems and the interface with the coastal response operations.

The exercise will consist of two phases:

26 May:  Implementation of a marine pollution response plan and coordinating the response capabilities deployed by the member countries of the RAMOGE agreement following fictitious damage caused an oil tanker at sea.

27 May: coordination of the sea-land interface for monitoring the situation and operations to combat maritime pollution that is washed up on the coast.

This entire plan, which is under the operational control of the Maritime Prefecture of the Mediterranean, will consist of the resources deployed within the framework of the activation of the RAMOGEPOL plan, mainly:

French resources:  the chartered support and assistance vessel (BSAA) Pionnier 2, the coastal tugs Esterel and Bélier from the French Navy, the launches Libecciu DF 25 from the Customs Services, Gravona from the Coastguards and the SNSM resources from the Macinaggio station, as well as the airborne resources of the French Navy and the Customs and the anti-pollution resources deployed from the Aspretto naval base.

Monegasque resources consisting of the "Princesse Gabriella" launch from the Airport Police Division and a surveillance drone.

Italian resources:  the pollution response vessel Nos Taurus de la Castalia (in agreement with the Ministero della Transizione ecologica) and the Guardia Costiera vessel DICIOTTI.

The European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA) and Spain will also provide assistance.


*The RAMOGE Agreement:  signed in 1976, the Agreement is a tool for scientific, technical and administrative cooperation between the Monegasque, French and Italian governments for protecting  and preserving  the marine environment in the Provence Alpes Côte d'Azur region, the Liguria region and Monaco.

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