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18 June 2024 Press release

Public information announcement: Levels of particle pollution may exceed limits on 19/06/2024

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A mass of air containing desert dust will soon arrive in the region. Southerly winds are expected, which will carry this desert dust heavy air mass across the region and over the Principality.

According to air quality measurements carried out by the Department of the Environment, the information threshold of 50 µg/m3 for fine particles (PM10) will likely be reached tomorrow 19 June 2024.

From Friday 21 June onwards, weather conditions should help disperse and decrease concentrations of fine particles in the air.

Due to weather conditions that prevent the pollution from being dispersed, the Government issues the following recommendations:

Health recommendations:

For vulnerable and susceptible populations (pregnant women, babies, young children, people over 65, people suffering from cardiovascular disease, heart failure or breathing difficulties, people with asthma, people who are sensitive to pollution and whose symptoms appear or become worse when pollution levels spike):

• Limit physical activity and high-impact sporting activities outside (indoor activities can be maintained);
• Don't go out during the hottest hours of the day;
• Stick to short trips that involve minimal effort;
• If you experience respiratory or cardiac difficulties (shortness of breath, wheezing, palpitations, etc.), seek advice from a pharmacist or consult your doctor.

Recommendations for road users:

• Try to use non-polluting methods of transport for short journeys wherever possible;
• For private and business trips, reduce car use by taking public transport or opting for car sharing;
• Avoid travelling on main roads and in surrounding areas during peak times.

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