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10 October 2018 News flash

Opening of the 18th Information Security and Systems Conferences (Assises de la Sécurité)

©Direction de la Communication/Michael Alési

The Minister of State opened the 18th Information Security and Systems Conferences (Assises de la Sécurité), which will continue until 13 October at the Grimaldi Forum.

This event is a not-to-be-missed cyber security event in France.  Its aim is to focus in depth on today's major technological issues. Conferences, round tables, workshops, specialist OneToOne sessions, partner forums and networking areas offer an opportunity to discuss developments in market trends and have a better understanding of all types of cyber security issues (such as Governance, Threat Intelligence, DevSecOps, etc.)

This year, for the first time, there is a VIP area in the foyer of the workshops, the "Monaco Cyber Security Initiative," bringing together Monegasque entities that are involved in digital security in the Principality, including the Monaco Cyber Security Agency (AMSN).  This is a unique opportunity for local stakeholders to reach all visitors to the event and benefit from the communication opportunities of the Conference (media partners, social networks, etc.).

The Minister of State emphasised Monaco's three requirements for cyber security:  "attention, mobilisation and adaptation."  Cyber security is one of the priority issues for the Prince's Government.  The AMSN was therefore created in 2015.  It is the national authority responsible for the security of the Principality's information systems and is a centre of expertise, response and processing with regard to security and digital attacks for the State and Critical Infrastructure Operators (OIVs).  He recalled that "This conference is now an important event, for Monaco of course, but beyond that, for all those who are concerned about security and digital transition issues – and they are many."

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