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11 December 2018 Press release

Positive feedback from Monegasque compagnies on teleworking - Continued Progress

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In July 2016, after several years of negotiation with the French authorities, the Principality of Monaco acquired the legal arsenal necessary for setting up teleworking, thus creating a clear, supervised and protective scheme for both employees and employers. 

During the summer, after almost three years of operation, the Department of Employment wished to ascertain the views of the main companies that are using this new means of organising their work, via a questionnaire, to obtain information on the implementation of teleworking within these companies, the advantages, possible reticence and fears they may have faced, and the impact in terms of management.

A meeting held at the Ministry of State to present the results of the questionnaire was attended by almost 20 Monegasque companies.  A statistical assessment of the teleworking scheme in the Principality and a round table discussion were opportunities for those involved to share their feedback, their practices, positive aspects and areas for concern, both during its implementation within the company and its increased use. 

Didier BEYNET, HR Director of the SINGLE BUOY MOORINGS Group, stated that "We wrongly think that teleworking does not allow control. On the contrary, teleworkers are making themselves available and are more proactive in their day-to–day productivity.  They are committed to demonstrating their proactiveness. 

Ms. MAMOLA, HR Director of EXPERIAN MONACO said that:

"Teleworking does not make it more complicated to schedule meetings and doesn't require work tools to be adapted or new tools to be adopted.  Teleworking does not interfere with normal functioning.  Moreover, we have progressed smoothly from one day of teleworking per week to two."



"the gain in travel time is reinvested in work, and if it is not appropriate, an employee can decide to stop teleworking and therefore return to the previous arrangements." 


The Department of Employment highlighted:  "The best possible balance between private and family life, the benefits of reducing tiredness and stress, and the positive image given by the use of this scheme to potential new employees." 

This meeting was part of the Department of Employment's wish to continue with this system, both in terms of supporting employers during its implementation and at the end of this phase and its operation within the companies, to continue ensuring the success of this new way of organising work. 

Minister Didier Gamerdinger supports this way of working.   Moreover, he stated that he "strongly believes in it."  Following on from the action undertaken by his predecessor, who had signed the agreements with France, he stated "I have asked the Italian authorities to reflect together on the possibility of opening up the possibility of teleworking to people in Italy." 


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You can contact the Department of Employment for any information relating to teleworking:

Department of Employment

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Technical Factsheet

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