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28 May 2018 Press release

Traffic Improvements in the Boulevard des Moulins Sector

To improve traffic flow in the Boulevard des Moulins sector, fluidify vehicle movements and facilitate access for the emergency services, the State Services are introducing a new overall system, which will be tested for several months, starting on Tuesday 5 June 2018. 

I – Boulevard des Moulins - Avenue St. Laurent – Avenue St. Charles

  • The CAM buses on Routes 1 and 4, as well as the double buses on the Nice-Monaco-Menton regional Route 100, arriving from the Place des Moulins, will no longer take the narrow route along the Avenue Saint Laurent and the Avenue Saint-Charles, but will continue straight between the Bd. des Moulins/Ave. Saint Laurent crossroads and the Madonna roundabout.  Other vehicles (light vehicles, HGVs and 2-wheeled vehicles) will continue to join the Madonna roundabout from the main roads that pass in front of St. Charles' Church.
  • The "left turn" from the Boulevard des Moulins to the Avenue Saint-Laurent is being kept, in particular to facilitate access to the Ecole Saint-Charles for the parents of pupils.
  • In the direction of the Madone/Place des Moulins roundabout, the following will be marked on the ground, on the right:  parking for people with disabilities, 4 parking spaces for light vehicles, the bicycle station that was in front of the Régina, a row of parking spaces for 2-wheeled vehicles, a pick-up/drop-off parking space and a parking space for deliveries.
  • 2-wheeled and light vehicle parking is being removed from along the pavement in front of the Régina.
  • The Saint-Charles bus stop, used by CAM Routes 1 and 4, currently located on the Avenue Saint-Laurent, is being transferred to the front of the Régina on the Boulevard des Moulins, as in the past.
  • On the left side of the Avenue Saint-Laurent, 10 parking spaces for light vehicles are being created, while on the right side, a 23-metre row of parking spaces for 2-wheeled vehicles and a pick-up/drop-off parking space are being created.
  • A parking space for deliveries is being created in front of 27 Boulevard des Moulins. 

II – Boulevard Princesse Charlotte

  • The bus lane is being removed to create a row of parking spaces for 2-wheeled vehicles, a delivery area, 5 pick-up/drop-off parking spaces and a bus stop for regulating CARF buses (ZEST).
  • The pedestrian crossing is being moved a few metres away, for safety reasons in particular.

A total of 3 additional pick-up/drop-off parking spaces have been created.   The delivery areas have been redistributed on the Boulevard des Moulins.  The aim of this system is to optimise the response times of the Principality's emergency services (fire and emergency services, ambulances, etc.), reduce travel times for citizens in this district - whatever their mode of transport - and improve the service on the relevant bus routes.

For further information or suggestions during the trial period:  amenagement@gouv.mc

+377 98 98 22 77

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