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Central Records Office


The Central Records Office (SCADA), which is under the aegis of the Ministry of State, manages the Definitive Archives of the State’s executive branch.

To this effect, it oversees the selection, sorting, classification and conservation of administrative documents that are considered final archives, i.e. those that have to be kept indefinitely with a view to creating sources of reference for historical, statistical or scientific purposes.

It selects documents, in liaison with the retaining department and in consultation with the National Archives Preparatory Mission , in order to eliminate those that have no archival value and are to be discarded.

It classifies and makes an inventory of the public archives deposited into it.

It creates research tools to facilitate access for users.

At the cost of the person who has made the request, it issues copies of the final archives, which are provided in accordance with the provisions of the Sovereign Ordinance of 29 August 2011.

Finally, the Head of the Central Records Office is a member of the State Archives Consultancy Committee.

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Legal Reference

Sovereign Ordinance no. 3.413 of 29 August 2011 concerning various measures pertaining to the relationship between the Government and its subjects - Section II
Sovereign Ordinance no. 8.569 of 25 March 2021 on archives of public interest

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