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Baux (Marquisate of )

According to the terms of the 1641 Treaty of Péronne, the marquisate of Baux (Bouches-du-Rhône) was given by Louis XIII to Prince Honoré II, for the benefit of his son. This gift was granted as compensation for fiefs which were lost by the Prince of Monaco because of the change in alliance which sealed the treaty: Monaco freed themselves from the hold of Spain to position themselves under the protection of France.

The title of marquis of Baux was meant for hereditary princes and, from birth, was worn by Prince Albert II, to whom the keys to the town of Baux-de-Provence were returned in 1982. The town of Baux-de-Provence is located on the Alpilles mountain chain, at the crossroads between Avignon, Arles and Salon de Provence.

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