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Carladès (earldom of) - Vic-sur-Cère

Vic-sur-Cère (Cantal) was the capital of the county of Carladès and was built by Louis XIII for Prince Honoré II. In fact, by virtue of the treaty of Péronne of 14 September 1641, Vic-sur-Cère withdrew from the Spanish protectorate to position themselves under the protection of France.

The old viscounty of Carlat was not sufficient to cover the allowance granted to Honoré II, so three castellanies which were under the viscounty of Murat as well as the barony of Calvinet and the lordship of La Vinzelle were added to the viscounty of Carlat.

The Count of Rians’ (who was a representative of the Prince) possession taking ceremonies took place in Vic on 14 November 1644 and were then renewed on 17 and 18 in Carlat and Mur-de-Barrez respectively. Louis Grimaldi, grandson of Prince Honoré II, therefore received the title of count of Carladès, as other subsequent members of the Princely Family also did. Louis Carladès would be the pseudonym adopted by Rainier III during his involvement in the motoring tour de France in 1953.

During the Revolution, the abolition of feudal rights shattered the income the Prince made from his land in France. On the basis of the treaties of Péronne and the Pyrenees, Honoré III managed to prove that his circumstances were hardly similar to those of ordinary feudal lords and that his rights, which resulted from an international commitment, required some compensation.

During the Restoration, the princes of Monaco symbolically took back the titles associated with their former fiefs, with there no longer being any question of reimbursement.

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