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Department of Maritime Affairs


The Department of Maritime Affairs has the following responsibilities: 

Vessels sailing under the Monegasque flag:

  • Registration of vessels and removal from the register
  • Issue of shipping licences
  • Ship mortgage registration
  • Implementation of rules on the status of the vessel
  • Collection of the relevant duties and taxes

 Shipping safety: 

  • Maritime pilots
  • Safety inspections on board vessels
  • Maritime buoys, markers and beacons
  • Nautical information
  • Shipping rules
  • Recording offences against laws and regulations


  • Issue of seafarer licences
  • Embarkation of crews and checks of their professional aptitude
  • Issuing crew lists
  • Implementation of rules on the status of the seafarers

 Combating pollution:

  • Combating all forms of pollution in maritime areas
  • Maintenance of pollution prevention equipment
  • Training
  • Participation in national and international exercises (RAMOGEPOL and REMPEC)

International relations:

  • Relations with international maritime Organisations (IMO, IOPC, IHO, IMSO) and interregional Organisations (REMPEC, RAMOGE, ACCOBAMS, PELAGOS)
  • The organising of official visits of foreign State vessels

Areas under the Department's responsibility:

  • Managing the refit area and the technical area of Fontvieille
  • Upkeep of the Larvotto’s maritime property:
    • Installation and removal of cofferdams in the event of heavy swell
    • Installation of fencing
    • Levelling of the beach
    • Management of the jellyfish net

 Port activity

  • Interface between the Government and the port operator (SEPM)
  • Government’s representative within the Monaco Port Authority (SEPM)
  • Monitoring of port activity
  • Authorisation of nautical events and involvement in ensuring safety for some events
  • Coordination of Government services
  • Monitoring of maritime construction and port development works

Maritime regulations

  • Secretariat of the Council of the Sea
  • Drafting of maritime legislation
  • Nautical information and advice to seafarers
  • Authorisation to occupy the slipway

Ship safety inspections

  • Checking that ships are compliant with maritime safety standards
  • Inspections of newly launched pleasure craft and working vessels
  • Annual inspections of working vessels

Trips out to sea

  • Of a scientific nature: with the Department of the Environment, the Oceanographic Museum, laboratories, universities, etc.
  • Film shooting
  • Various studies


Official Directory

Legal Reference

Sovereign Ordinance no. 13.457 of 29 May 1998 codifying the provisions pertaining to the implementation of the act no. 1.198 of 27 march 1998

Contact details

Direction des Affaires Maritimes

Opening hours : from 9.30am to 5.00pm from Monday to Friday

Phone Number : (+377) 98 98 22 80

Fax Number : (+377) 98 98 22 81

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Direction des Affaires Maritimes

20 quai l'Hirondelle
98000 MONACO

Opening hours : from 9.30am to 5.00pm from Monday to Friday

Phone Number : (+377) 98 98 22 80

Fax Number : (+377) 98 98 22 81

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