Gouvernement Princier de Monaco
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In a global context in which the industrial sector is faced with changes in work and models of production, the Government of the Principality remains attentive to developments in the activities of this sector.
In this regard, the Government wished to assess the "Industrial Subsidies" in order to have a complete study of this scheme.
To undertake this assessment, a survey was carried out among the 49 businesses that benefit from these subsidies. The excellent response rate of 88% indicates a very high score, thus ensuring good representation and useable results.

For reasons of transparency, the Government wished to publish these results on its Internet portal.

Methodological clarification: the response rates shown in the graphics below are linked to the questions asked. They refer to the total number of beneficiary businesses that replied to the survey (43 businesses). 

Example: 43 respondents answered the question "In which year was your business first set up in Monaco?" i.e. a response rate to the question of 100%.