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14 November 2022 Press release

Development of asset freezing website

The Department of Budget and Treasury, in partnership with the Digital Services Department, has launched a new website: https://geldefonds.gouv.mc/ .

All decisions taken by the Ministry of State to freeze funds and economic resources, pursuant to Sovereign Ordinance No. 8.664, dated 26 May 2021, will now be published on this dedicated website.

The digital platform lists all individuals and legal entities or organisations who are subject to measures freezing their funds and economic resources in the Principality, in accordance with international economic sanctions.

This national list, established by Sovereign Ordinance No. 8.664, dated 26 May 2021, is updated by the Department of Budget and Treasury every time an entry is added, removed or amended.

It is worth noting that the website will now enable the relevant professionals to:

-          Access the national list and download the latest updated version;

-          Sign up to receive notifications every time the national list is updated and news items;

-          Make use of the asset freezing application programming interface (API) for direct access to the national list feed.

The proposed functionality is in line with the recommendations issued as part of the assessment of Monaco’s measures to prevent money laundering and terrorist financing (MONEYVAL). It demonstrates the Principality of Monaco’s commitment to maintaining the highest international standards.

For more information, contact:

Department of Budget and Treasury

12 Quai Antoine I

BP 512


(+377) 98 98 87 73

Email: dbt.geldefonds@gouv.mc

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