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23 February 2023 Press release

United Nations: Monaco takes part in discussion on equal and inclusive representation of women in decision-making systems

ONU – Comité pour l’élimination de la discrimination à l’égard des femmes (CEDAW) ©DR

On 22 February 2023, at the initiative of the Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW), a general discussion on equal and inclusive representation of women in decision-making systems was held in Geneva.

The event was an opportunity for CEDAW to officially launch the process of drafting a general recommendation. The purpose of this recommendation will be to provide guidance to States parties to the Convention on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women on the measures they should adopt to ensure full compliance with their obligations, particularly with respect to respect to articles 7 and 8 of the Convention (participation of women, on equal terms with men, in the country’s political and public life).

Following a presentation about this process and its aims, there was a discussion in which the representatives of States parties, international organisations and non-governmental organisations took part. The representatives reported on the measures that had already been implemented at various levels to improve representation of women in decision-making processes and in the outcomes achieved.

For her part, H.E. Carole Lanteri, Ambassador and Monaco’s Permanent Representative to the Office of the United Nations in Geneva, noted that in the Principality, the civil and political rights set out in the 1962 Constitution apply identically to women and men, and that current legislation and regulations do not include any discrimination of any kind. The Ambassador also highlighted Monaco’s social policy, which includes measures that help women to strike an optimal work-life balance. This has led to women taking on numerous positions of responsibility within the government, the justice system and constitutional bodies.

The process of drafting the general recommendation will take two years, during which all stakeholders will have the chance to submit comments, including via online consultations.

The CEDAW was established in line with the provisions of the Convention on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women. In addition to drafting general recommendations, its primary role is to review reports on implementation of the Convention by States parties and the development of specific recommendations in this context.

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