Gouvernement Princier de Monaco
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Monaco – a sustainable town

The Government is fully mobilised to maintain the town’s quality of life and has initiated a proactive sustainable development policy.

A proactive policy for a sustainable town

The Principality, a town-State that is 2 km² in size, the home of 36,000 inhabitants and the workplace of 50,000 employees, faces the same environmental issues as all cities, compounded by the challenge of its compact territory. In this regard, the Prince's Government is conducting a proactive sustainable development policy.

Mobility and transport: the State sets the example and supports changes in behaviour

This decisive policy can be observed through strong backing for public transport both in the Principality and beyond its borders, the deployment of adjustable traffic flow plans and the development of automated pedestrian links.

Furthermore, the acquisition of clean vehicles is incentivised for individuals and businesses and systematic for State departments.

Sustainable water and waste management

Rationalising water consumption and wastewater treatment are key issues in a sustainable town.

As for waste management, the population has been very receptive to the recycling initiatives that have been put in place.

A carefully preserved natural environment

Monaco covers an area of 270,000 m², and 20% of the territory is given over to public and private parks and gardens.

Since the 1960s, the surface occupied by parks and gardens has increased from 50,000 to 270,000 m². These areas are managed in an eco-responsible manner: by preserving water resources, limiting chemical treatments and developing organic pest control methods.

Keeping watch on the quality of the environment

Maintaining quality of life  is closely related to the intrinsic quality of marine and land environments. Particular care is taken to maintain their stability through the deployment of monitoring networks, such as testing the quality of the air or waters used for swimming. Noise in the town is also subject to controls according to its nature and level.

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