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Tobacco and Matches Board


The Monegasque Tobacco and Matches Board under the supervision of the Ministry of Finance and Economy, operates the Principality’s monopolies on tobacco and matches.

In legislative terms, it is tasked with:

  • Ensuring compliance with the Sovereign Ordinances of 5 December 1865 and 12 December 1891 granting the Principality exclusive rights to import, to export, distribute and origin control of tobacco and matches on Monegasque territory
  • Approving and publishing in the Monegasque Journal Officiel (official gazette) the retail sale prices of tobacco manufactured according to the tariffs in force in France pursuant to Article 19 Title III of the Franco-Monegasque Neighbourhood Agreement of 18 May 1963 (see Article 19 Title III of Ordinance 3039)
  • Applying tax and customs procedures

In terms of administration:

  • It is consulted for advice by the Business Development Agency and The State Property Authority regarding the opening of tobacconist shops, and the granting and duration of management concessions

In terms of sales:

  • Within the Principality, it supplies around 30 tobacconists and supermarkets, which only sell matches
  • It decides which products should be listed and which withdrawn, and offers nearly 700 listed tobacco products (cigars, cigarettes, cigarillos, pipe tobaccos, rolling tobaccos and hookah tobaccos)
  • It negotiates with tobacco companies and distributors on behalf of the State
  • It ensures the collection of state revenues for tobacco, matches and various other products
  • It has had a bonded warehouse since 9 June 1965, and manages the export provisioning of ships under the European customs regulations in force

Official Directory

Legal References

Ordinance of 05 December 1865 rendering the agreement signed with France concerning the customs union and neighbourly relations enforceable on 9 November 1865

Ordinance of 12 December 1891 concerning the production and sale of matches

Ordinance no. 3039 of 19 August 1963 rendering the Neighbourhood Agreement, signed in Paris, enforceable in Monaco on 18 May 1963

Ordinance no. 2.448 of 01 August 1940 concerning the fiscal control of tobacco shops

Ordinance no. 2719 of 08 February 1943 which increases penalties

Ordinance no. 15.116 of 23 November 2001 changing amounts expressed in francs in certain sovereign ordinances, which were passed in application of international treaties, into euros

Ministerial Decree no. 2008-295 of 16 June 2008 implementing the Act no. 1.346 of 9 May 2008 pertaining to protection from smoking

Act no. 1.346 of 09 May 2008 pertaining to protection from smoking

Ordinance no. 4.225 of 20 March 2013 establishing the Monegasque Tobacco and Matches Board

Contact details

Régie des Tabacs et des Allumettes

Opening hours : from 8.30am to 16.30pm from Monday to Friday

Phone Number : (+377) 98 98 85 92

Fax Number : (+377) 93 30 58 36

Régie des Tabacs et des Allumettes

47, avenue de Grande-Bretagne


Opening hours : from 8.30am to 16.30pm from Monday to Friday

Phone Number : (+377) 98 98 85 92

Fax Number : (+377) 93 30 58 36