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05 October 2016 News flash

The RICHTER Civil Security Exercise

The RICHTER exercise at the National Crisis Management Centre ©Government Communication Department / Manuel Vitali

A joint Civil Security exercise, entitled RICHTER, took place today in Monaco and the Alpes-Maritimes.  The aim was to assess the response capabilities of the Crisis Management Centres in the two countries.  Monaco's participation was led by the Department of Interior.  The exercise required no involvement in the field in terms of personnel or equipment; in Monaco, only the National Crisis Management Centre (CNGC) was activated.

The DIRANIM Event Coordination department, based at the Prefecture of the Alpes-Maritimes, was called upon to bring to life and simulate events for this staff training exercise, by means of action sheets setting out the unfolding of the crisis scenario (a major earthquake) and monitor the action taken at the CNGC by the various units to respond to this crisis situation.

Afterwards, the Minister of Interior, Patrice Cellario, spoke to the press.  He stated that this exercise consisted of "testing the procedures to be put in place to manage crisis phenomena and coordinate the Monegasque and French services."  According to the Minister, "the outcome of the day was very positive – the staff was really involved, the communications worked well, both internally and with the French services, and the various units showed that they were able to manage a crisis situation."

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