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30 March 2017 News flash

Work starts on water networks on Avenue Albert II in Fontvieille

Le giratoire des av. Albert II - av des Papalins

Work is set to begin on resizing the wastewater and rainwater pipe networks in the Fontvieille district, starting at the Papalins roundabout before advancing up Avenue Albert II, then Avenue de Fontvieille.

“The resizing of the wastewater networks has now become a necessity in this district, given the Pasteur project and the future Charles III development,” stressed Olivier Lavagna, Director of Public Works. “Over the decades, urban development in the Principality, whether of state-owned housing, residential buildings or business premises, has required the adaptation of all networks to respond to the increase in the numbers of residents, employees and visitors,” he added.

This work involves the installation of piping to collect rainwater from areas lying uphill from the Pasteur, Charles III and Canton blocks. The water will be directed towards Fontvieille port where it will be discharged into the sea.

“Some significant and even critical storms see thousands of litres of rainwater run down from the catchment areas around the Principality. We have experienced episodes of heavy rainfall which demonstrate the importance of having a network designed to respond to these changing weather conditions,” explained Jean-Luc Puyo, Director of Urban Amenities.

The government departments responsible for this project have implemented a carefully phased approach to limit the impact on traffic and pedestrians in the district, particularly on evenings when sporting events are held.

Work will begin on Monday 3 April 2017, at the roundabout between Avenue Albert II and Avenue des Papalins

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